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Navigating, balancing and managing your personal and financial objectives can be difficult in today’s world.

Cambridge Private Wealth, can become your partner to educate, guide and help you tackle these challenges. By providing high quality and exclusive advice, we develop strategic and investment solutions that you can trust.

We understand that you and your goals are unique. Our highly qualified financial advisers, can provide you with the tools to follow your financial pathway through all stages of your life.

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“The sooner you start planning your life, the sooner you will live the life you dream of”

– Hans Glint, Author of ‘You Can Do Anything – But You Can’t Do Everything’


Reliable & Active Financial Advice

You can Trust for Life.

As financial advisers, we are required to know our clients. However, our approach is different. Instead of just looking at you as the details you filled on a form, as most advisers would do; we take the time to get to know you personally, and to understand what is important to you. From your favourite AFL team, to your goals in life.

We encourage honesty in our discovery process. Whether you have issues with poor financial advice in the past, or you are hesitant in investing in shares, we encourage open and honest discussions about your true feelings and attitudes to investments.

After our first discovery meeting, we may schedule one or two more appointments with you, to be able to better build your exclusive tailored financial advice roadmap. At Cambridge Private Wealth, we understand how crucial it is to take the time to get to know you; to get to the root of your goals.

We will then be able to develop and present to you, a long term investment strategy and a roadmap for your financial future with the right level of high quality service you desire.

Our active investment management approach means, that we are consistently analysing the sharemarkets and a range of financial products to create portfolios that are best suited to you, your attitude to investing, your personal interests and your tolerance to risk. For us active investment management also means that we will stay in touch with you throughout our partnership, so you are kept fully informed of your portfolio, how you are tracking against your objectives, and changes to legislation that may affect you.

Our commitment to our clients means, that we will never pigeonhole you. We understand that everyone is different, and that making assumptions will not lead to good advice or a satisfactory outcome.

We endeavour to actively and regularly communicate with our clients through a number of channels, including one on one meetings, seminars, newsletters and social media.

Meet Anthony Walker


Principal Adviser & Director

Anthony has over 18 years’ experience in the financial planning industry, developing his professional skills in both supporting and key Senior Financial Adviser roles.

After working in the banking industry over recent times, Anthony is excited to be re-commencing self-employment to be able to provide his clients with high quality financial advice that they can rely on. This has given Anthony with a solid understanding of what larger institutions can and cannot offer. Anthony came to realise that only in a smaller, boutique practice can he provide his clients with the more personalised level of service that clients want.

Anthony grew up in Brisbane where he completed his Bachelor of Economics and his Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning. Anthony is also highly skilled to provide advice on Self-managed Superannuation Funds as well as Direct Shares.

Anthony is married with two young children and, being a Queenslander, loves his rugby union.

An approachable and active perspective to manage your superannuation, investments and insurance needs.

Success Stories

Anthony Walker has been my Financial Adviser for almost five years and I couldn't be happier with the outcomes he has achieved. Not only does he get me the best outcomes I could hope for, Anthony is also a wonderful person as well. Always available and attentive, Anthony provides exceptional financial advice, knowing what I want to achieve and how to get me there, and taking away the stress and worry, making me feel my investments are secure and working at optimum level for me. He has a gift for identifying market trends and tailoring investment options around these to ensure outcomes are always the best they could be in a volatile economic/financial climate. Anthony is a true professional and down to earth fellow, making this the perfect arrangement. It's always a pleasure to meet with Anthony and I hope this association with him and Cambridge Private Wealth will continue for a many years ahead. Thanks Anthony - outstanding work indeed. You're a great bloke and I'm glad you're there to help!
I was really worried about my family and income post my admission to hospital after a car accident. I needed guidance as to how to claim through insurance. Anthony was able to help and it was really easy and stress free.
Since being introduced to Anthony Walker in August 2012, by my bank’s Branch Manager, he has expertly advised me on the management of my superannuation portfolio. Anthony is hugely aware of my goals and his strategies have always been considerate of producing the best possible outcome for me. Anthony has demonstrated that he is constantly monitoring and up to date in what is happening in the markets, both locally and internationally, and the drivers that can influence them. I would recommend Anthony Walker (Cambridge Private Wealth) to anyone seeking financial advice, with a tailored solution to suit your needs.

Note: These clients have agreed to share their story. Everyone’s situation is different, so their choices and outcomes will be different to yours. Consider your circumstances before deciding what’s right for you.