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CPW Newsletter – Autumn 2018

I hope this meets you all well. The cold has commenced but unfortunately my wife won’t let me fly north (maybe Noosa?) for the coming winter. As a Queenslander I dread the cold, however I will say we had a fantastic summer and an extended one it seems. All in all, as I have said to many of you, I am positive on life and what it can bring. I remain a very lucky person to be alive with the ability to come home to a loving family and (now) a dog[…]

CPW Newsletter – Spring 2017

There is a lot happening around the world as you know, however the potential disruption of markets caused by global events is largely being ignored by US markets as they continue to reach record highs. The fear of missing out may be one reason for people buying into a market that offers very little value. This has caused very low volatility in the sharemarket, possibly similar to an eye of a cyclone, but let’s wait and see if the volatility is near[…]

CPW Newsletter – Fifth Issue (Full)

As a (former) Queenslander, it is always around this time I have some regrets about moving to Melbourne. My refusal to wear UGG boots, a beanie or scarf with the knowledge I am bald as a badger does not stand me in good stead for Winter at all[…]

Federal Budget Update 2017-18

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down his second Federal Budget. Here’s a roundup of some of the key proposals put forward, and a look at how they might affect your financial goals — whether you’re starting out in your working life, building a career and family, or enjoying the fruits of your labour in retirement […]

CPW Newsletter – Fourth Issue (Full)

As some of you know my mother in law recently passed away. She was a strong woman who overcame the gender bias during the early years of her career to become a success in her field. Stringent in process, she achieved everything she wanted to, whilst raising a family and lived a full life. […]

CPW Newsletter – Third Issue (Full)

The 2016 Calendar year has been an interesting one for sharemarkets and global politics. Cambridge Private Wealth thanks you for your support during this time. We have developed a great base of clients who have supported the change from my previous employer and we feel now we have settled into a great rhythm when it comes to providing you, our valued client, with the advice and services you need and want. […]

Personal Insurance

Julie is a very close friend of mine, and we worked together at Westpac. Planning for unplanned events through personal insurance was part of Julie’s healing process as she knew her family was financially secure.

If you see a need for a review of personal insurance or have sons or daughters who might benefit from this, please feel free to call. […]

CPW Newsletter – Second Issue (Full)

CPW Newsletter: Second Issue August 2016 Welcome to the second issue of the Cambridge Private Wealth newsletter. The more I read and observe, the more deluded I find the share markets. It is easy to become part of the hype when prices are going up, but reality is shares are generally highly overvalued. I have [...]

How to be happy – some tips to start this FY with a smile

Start this new financial year with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart!

Read on to discover why now is the right time to make some changes to your lifestyle and how you can help yourself to achieve a happier state of mind, and a sense of well-being that really lasts. […]

ALERT – Changes to TTR Pensions that might affect you

There is growing speculation that changes will be made to the taxation treatment of Transition to Retirement Income Streams (TTRs) in this year’s Federal Budget. These changes may see a reduction in the tax benefits which currently apply to these types of pensions and associated strategies. […]

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